3 December: Losercore [Lou Barlow/Sentridoh]

This is a cover of a pre-Grunge solo recording by Lou Barlow which I heard in 1992 because I knew people in university who were much much cooler than me and knew about music. It has always stuck in my mind as the perfect thing to do with a four-track in a bedroom, and everytime I try to write a song I wish I could write Losercore. So I played this cover (from memory) to get it out of my system. This is the real thing. Turns out I didn’t remember very much of it. Anyway I’m not sure Lou Barlow even remembered much of it as I called out for it at a gig at the Duchess in 1993 and what he played bore very little resemblance to this track, just enough to show he was reinventing it on the spot like a genius.

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3 Responses to 3 December: Losercore [Lou Barlow/Sentridoh]

  1. Rob Hayler says:

    Cheers Ben but ‘who were much cooler than me and knew about music’ is exactly how I would have described you! 😉 I was stood beside you at that show and, IIRC, we both made nuisances of ourselves until Lou played a slow, lounge version of the song as an encore…. With love, R x

    • Ben says:

      …”is exactly how I would have described you!” But I have made certain precise scientific measurements which prove that you are wrong on this point.

      I was so bowled over by that encore version I haven’t managed to retain any memory of what it was like (I remember it was slower). Were we bugging him throughout the show? — We were, weren’t we? Ah well. XXXXB

    • Ben says:

      OBJECTIVE precise scientific measurements

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