4 December: Losercore II

So, Ben, when you have a four-track in your bedroom, that leaves two tracks to be filled, right? So imagine a world where losercore would not be a solo song, but a work of collaboration and merry jamming, and a good drink afterwards. (Which, incidentally, would at the same time be a world without big businesses, marketing minds and cheap maids from the Philippines).


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3 Responses to 4 December: Losercore II

  1. oddenda says:

    Ah, but that’s a four-track that’s been moved from the bedroom to the kitchen, that’s a different thing altogether.

    (Do I recognise those bongos?)

  2. F says:

    (Well – that’s the Cajon.. which gives away a certain lack of low frequencies on laptop speakers. Maybe this should only be listened to on headphones. You know, it actually also has a bass line..)

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