Atheist Advent 2018?!

Does anyone still get notifications from this site?

I’ve finished my last editing job of the year, done my tax return, booked Wynnie into nursery (not specially for this month), made all house lights dim and cosy, and I’ve mostly closed the curtains — but not so much that I can’t see how horrible, wet and dark it is outside.

I’ve got my guitar, and a pen and a big book of scrap paper. I’ll sit down with a candle and a stopwatch, and pray that inspiration will come to me — from sources largely unknown.

I can’t hope to write one a day, but if I can ever write five in this month I’ll be reasonably happy. Only 24 would REALLY make me happy but that’s a pure dream.

Is anyone reading this? I just don’t know, and somehow that makes it even more thrilling.

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  1. oddenda says:

    I’m reading! Can’t wait.

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