Steve Bannon Elevator Pitch

Look, I know this is extremely rough. I wrote it tonight walking back from a North-East Call to Action committee meeting and Christmas Dinner, and recorded it quick before bedtime, right?

But still I think it has a lot of potential and I don’t want to get hung up so I’m just posting it here and moving on.

I wanted to write something about the appeal of the far right for young men who find liberal democracies are no longer paying them off for lack of meaning with the promise of material success. Maybe I’m referring too much misogyny in quotation marks for this ever to be a very pleasant tune.

Failure. And laughter. And sadness. Have dogged your every move.
The laughter of women, their laughter, is ringing in your ears
I say this to all of the young men who come here to ask for advice.
If you throw enough mud at the wall it will stick, and so far it’s working alright.

Talk to me with confidence
Show me who you are
Talk is all the liberal classes ever do.
What will you do with your voice now you’ve found it? Child, I leave that up to you.

You know, and I know and they know, that women make more than you’re earning.
And you know, and I know and they know, that the planet is cooling not warming.

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  1. benjaminthomaswhite says:

    You did right, Ben—rough but good. (Ahem: throwing enough mud at the wall…)

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