17 December: Fascism Ain’t What it Used to Be

Indicative lyrics (delivery may differ)

What comes next is entirely up to the big bourgeoisie
Baby fascists surround them, begging to be taken seriously
For contrary to a popular belief that the Nazis were let in by democracy
Fascists never get elected, only punted in by a desperate elite

Sing with me / Fascism just isn’t what it used to be / They ain’t got the numbers, they ain’t got the talent / They’re only good for preying on refugees
That’s how it is for now

Civil wars are raging within the walls of the big corporations
Unreported by journalists flown in to their alpine locations
We just can’t decide whether it would be better for business to let everybody drown
Robots can make all the widgets but maybe we’d need some consumers around

[Modern fascist chorus: Give us official positions, like in the German army or the police force in Greece
Don’t let the Scousers abuse us, chase us round town to the Benny Hill theme]*

Israel is teamed up with Steve Bannon and the ex-English Defense League
To send agly the best-laid plans of the children of the Battle of Cable Street
The centre cannot hold, things come apart at such a speed
That it even escapes the analytical powers of the normally reliable BBC

[* Real event]

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