26 December: Lord of Misrule

This is the last song of Atheist Advent 2010: Lord of Misrule.

I had in mind the legend of the temporary king, appointed for the holiday season, who inverts the relationship between masters and servants. And I had in mind that for the coming year, the Lord of Misrule might be of a mind to stick around, to see whether the puppets over which he presides in winter might carry the pageant onwards.

Woodcarving of the Abbot of Unreason, c. 1500, from Ludlow Cathedral, England

And this is the end of Atheist Advent 2010. I am so grateful to you for tuning in. I might carry this idea on in future, maybe with a focus on the audio files and not doing so much video. I might write a few reflections on the process in a week or so, once I’ve collected my thoughts. It’s been valuable for me; and once or twice I felt that a song was demanding to be expressed through me, rather than me having to cobble it together out of mortal ideas. But I could have done nothing without the idea that you were listening.

I hear a storm is about to hit in Vermont.

Thanks again for tuning in.

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2 Responses to 26 December: Lord of Misrule

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  2. Niki says:

    Lord of Misrule: that first chord was a brilliant statement. This year’s Atheist Advent has been great — I hope you will keep this fine tradition up for many years to come, sweetie. Keep in touch!

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