4 December: Unspecified Incident at Sea

Writing this song seemed to eat up rather a lot of what otherwise should have been a relatively free day. I guess I did have to go shopping, though. Here’s a picture, below, by Oddenda, to get us in mood — OK to post this, Odde? If you’re a fan of songs about unspecified but clearly troubling incidents at sea I hope this will appeal to you.

* ADDENDUM to posting about previous song. I forgot to mention that when I was very little, I remember being shown some pigs, and someone, who might have been me, but might also have been another little boy called Aaron, pointed at the ridge of hair that ran along the pig’s belly and asked if that was its zip, i.e the place where you unzip pigs to get the bacon out of them, and then zip them up again. Aaron’s parents had made sure that he never came into contact with any guns or model guns as he was growing up, but apparently he one day picked up a bent stick and ran around going bang-bang. I don’t remember who Aaron’s parents were but they sound very nice.

Unspecified [but clearly troubling] Incident at Sea

Storms are forecast for midnight / Ships are running for shore
But the coastline is dark, as dark as the starless sky
And the waves push us on

Crew, please don’t desert me / Now in my hour of need
For the radio’s dead, the satellite’s silent
And the waves push us on

And somewhere my love is sleeping
Where curfew sounds, and the howling winds
She will not stir as the trucks pass her window
I know her too well

We’ll run around, someone is crying, We must turn back and run for the sea
We can power her out, to deeper waters
And ride out the wind

Rain pours on our decking
The sea runs from our sides
And the light buoys grind at their moorings
And the waves push us on

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5 Responses to 4 December: Unspecified Incident at Sea

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  2. lapsangsouchong says:

    This is good, and uneasy, but does the use of the word ‘unspecified’ in the title really justify the use of the fade-out? I follow the Kurt Cobain school on that point: it’s better to shoot yourself in the head burn out than fade away.

  3. Oddenda says:

    It’s an ellipsis, right? TBC. Let’s hope so anyway.

    Is it to avoid shoals and rocks that ships head out to sea in a storm, or do the characteristics of the waves become more predictable with deeper waters? I’ve just been reading about the British blockade of Mauritius in the 1800s; at the first sign of a major storm, with the dropping of the barometer (even while the skies remain clear), the blockading ships immediately race north as fast and far as they can, 40 or 50 miles away from any land.

    • Ben says:

      Yes – it was meant to be an ellipsis; though I don’t know what might follow it yet. PS I dreamed most of the next song at 6.30 this morning! Standard fingerpicking fare but nice enough.

    • Ben says:

      Ok. Well. I don’t know. I just thought it made for a nice line. I probably shouldn’t editorialize on these things, I guess.

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