22 December: BDD [Groundhogs / Tony McPhee]

There’s a collective family strategy to get [person deleted] an electric guitar setup for Christmas. So I went out to get a cheap little practice amp, since there are some very nice ones around. But then, for about the same price, in Mor Music, York, they had this second-hand Vox VR15. Instinctively, with trained instincts, I bought it. Oh my god. It’s AMAZING. Then there was a very Lord of the Rings thing going on in the house, with me wavering over whether I should give it as the present, or keep it and substitute my own practice amp. Many voices were raised in favour of the Dark Path: but I stayed true to righteousness. All I need to do it play a lifetime’s worth of rocking blues on it now, and then I can pass it on with with no serious regrets. Cripes — I hope [person deleted] is not reading this.

As I was clocking up my rock miles, I realized it would be wrong not to have a Groundhogs cover somewhere in this year’s AA. Thank you once again MS Windows for de-synching the video and audio.

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2 Responses to 22 December: BDD [Groundhogs / Tony McPhee]

  1. lapsangsouchong says:

    Who Will Save The World? The Mighty Groundhogs!

  2. Lucas says:


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