23 December: I Get Your News

I’d like to say that this was intended as nothing more the throwaway song it sounds like, and that I didn’t labour over it through half the day before finally seeing that I had not managed to capture the spirit I had been chasing.

This ought to be the part of AA where awesome ideas bubble to the surface like methane gas from a fracked well, and explode all my taps. But because of the huge unterruption [sic] to AA this year, I don’t think those sublime depths are going to be reached. Well, we’ll have to see, and at least it was a helluvalotta fun getting all my toys out and spreading them over the sitting room. And anyway, nothing can ever be as good as Rap News X [see sidebar].

I Get Your News

You must admit Facebook has not brought us closer
It is just a fad, unworthy of someone like you who I love

But then you’ll say: Years have passed without a word,
And this way at least I get your news

I’m not convinced that time of the clock is what matters
For I have been in places where time was not real at all

And here we are, in the back of the car without seatbelts
Reaching for grass from the verges whenever we slow

Every day is a draft of a story discarded
And from time to time a chapter is opened or angrily closed

But then you’ll say: Years have passed without a word,
And this way at least I get your news

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One Response to 23 December: I Get Your News

  1. niki says:

    Your voice is so lovely I could listen to it all day, ditto for your guitar playing. I look forward to this website now — wouldn’t be Advent without it! Keep doing what you’re doing my dear, you delight us all with your efforts. xxx

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