Arab Spring, U.S. Fall — Sounds of Dissent

Sounds of Dissent

In 1969, Dan Armstrong released an album called The Sound of Dissent, political sound clips from the late 60s set to a jazz rock backing. It includes extracts from speeches by Eartha Kitt, Dr Spock, Martin Luther King, and many more; the sounds of demonstrations, and police crack-downs; and the voices of otherwise unknown demonstrators and passers-by caught up in the actions. 2011 was a year of dissent at least as significant as 1968, and we’ve been planning all year to do a version of Dan’s project. Perhaps 2012 will be more significant still.

Sound clips used in Arab Spring, U.S. Fall

Danny Glover, Occupy Oakland (Democracy Now!, October 17th)

Hillary Clinton (Associated Press, January 26th)

Asma Mahfouz, vodcast, January 18th, Cairo (subtitles:

Protestor, Cairo, and street sounds (Russia Today, January 28th)

Muammar Gaddafi, national televised address, February 22nd, Tripoli (subtitles)

Daniel Ellsberg (Democracy Now!, December 16th)

Occupy Oakland, October 26th

Joshua Shepherd, Occupy Oakland, October 26th

Cornel West, Occupy Wall Street General Assembly (Democracy Now! September 29th)

Music and production
: BY
Research, graphics, technical: KCA
Original concept: Dan Armstrong

Creative Commons Licence
Sounds of Dissent by is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

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2 Responses to Arab Spring, U.S. Fall — Sounds of Dissent

  1. Lucas says:

    The track has a moody, anxiousness, and rhythmic angst. Sometimes it reminds me of the music to dead-man. I never got though to the end; I appreciate the sentiment – here’s to a reimagining of democracy for 2012.

    • m franks says:

      On the timeline of 15:52 the first man to speak after the music was I believe my grandfather, Michael Donovan of the NYC Bricklaying Union, Local 34. Is there anyway I can confirm that?
      True story, they aired his interview overseas where my uncle heard it while serving in Korea. My uncle called home to speak to my grandfather and thank him. It was the last time they spoke, my uncle was killed just a few weeks after the interview.
      I would greatly appreciate any information you can give me to help me track down a written transcript with the names.

      Thanks – M

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