3 December: Sherbet Lemon Sun

Our flat can get lovely sunlight at this time of year. Lemon-coloured, and low-slanting, shining right on to the back wall. So I thought it reminded me of sweets, but the song didn’t get very far, to be honest. It is very interesting to see how vague, relaxed ideas change their character as they get closer to reality. Poor old God, creating the world, probably had fantastic first ideas for how it would be perfect and harmonious. Human beings look at the final result and complain about all the evil and natural disasters, and God is saying “Don’t you know how many compromises I had to make even to get this??” And baby Jesus had an ear infection or a bad tummy. I expect the problem of creativity has the same structure at whatever level it takes place, down here on this bargain basement level, or anywhere above.

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